Friday, August 17, 2012

Anthony Morrison Uses Affiliate Marketing and So Can You

Not too long ago, I attended a seminar hosted by representatives of online marketing guru Anthony Morrison. The seminar outlined Morrison's method of affiliate marketing, basically driving traffic to links on your site provided by large retailers and other companies, and then receiving a percentage of the sales generated as a result.

According to presenters at the seminar, for a payment of $2,000 or more, depending on the offer, participants receive training from Morrison's team and access to software that helps them run their affiliate marketing business.

As a so-called "super affiliate," Morrison also is entitled to higher percentages on sales generated by the affiliate programs he is involved with and passes these higher percentages on to participants.

I'm not an expert on Morrison's program and have never taken part in it, but, as we've said in previous posts, you don't need to participate in a high-priced program with an online guru to take advantage of affiliate marketing.

Getting involved is simple:

  • Sign up. Pick one affiliate marketing program to get started. Brands ranging from Amazon to Sears offer a variety of programs and you can do some Web searches or check out the Websites of some of your favorite brands for other opportunities.
  • Read the guidelines. Carefully read the participation guidelines to be sure you are complying with all the rules connected with the program. You wouldn't want to be making money through an affiliate program and then lose out due to a minor infraction.
  • Create compelling content. Look! The hardest part of affiliate marketing is driving traffic to your affiliate links. Creating content is the best way to do this, but not just any content will do. Here are some thoughts from ProBlogger Darren Rowse with "11 Lessons I Learned Earning $119,725.45 from Amazon Associates Program."

So, have you started using affiliate marketing on your blogs? Please tell us about it. Thanks!

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