Monday, July 9, 2012

Make Your Online Business Message Irresistible

Make the message for your online business irresistible! As in a cute kitty climbing "unexpectedly" up a newscaster's back during a live segment. This kind of blooper, whether real or staged, is guaranteed to gain at least some viral traction, spreading your message or brand faster than any straight forward announcement could.

Here are some tips you might consider:
  • Concentrate on content. Focus not just on search engines but on the people who will be checking out your stuff. Creating content that people will share requires that the message grab them after they land on your site.
  • Cast your net wide. While you generally want to stick with your niche, irresistible content meant to spread your message to a new audience should be broad enough to appeal to people who aren't yet your fans.
  • Get tongues wagging. You've heard that the best marketing is word of mouth. It's the same with irresistible content. Your post should be the kind that makes people on Twitter and Facebook ask their friends and followers, have you seen this?
  • Tap your networks. My friend Hesham Zebida shared this post recently with his network, giving me a big bump in traffic my first week with a new blog. Don't underestimate how your connections can help.
The video above was irresistible enough to make it onto a Yahoo! news page. What do you think? If you agree this content is viral enough to share, link to it or share it with your network and drop me a line here to tell me you've done so and why. I'm hoping to discuss the results in an upcoming post with a shout out to those who participated. Thanks!

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