Monday, July 16, 2012

Using Blogs to Market Your Band or Music

A few months ago an old school friend of mine David Seyfried shared a link with me and some others to a new band he's involved in. The group goes by the intriguing name Puppet Hawk.

A synth and electronic music duo inspired by such artists as The Smiths, Joy Division, and the Talking Heads, they produce an eccentric sound you can enjoy by having a look at one of their equally eccentric music videos below.

Dave shared the group's Facebook fan page and Website with me because we played in a band together many years ago, and he shared these links with many other former musical collaborators too, I assume, in hope of drawing attention to his new project and probably with the expectation that we might share them with others.

Dave isn't the first guy to have this bright idea, of course, in this age of social media, and he isn't likely be the last. Online music sensation Brad Turcotte, performing as the one man band Brad Sucks, has used such means to successfully promote two albums now and is still going strong. One of the most important starting points for musicians trying to promote themselves online should, of course, be to launch a blog. Blogs will help:

  • Increase online visibility. Because each post is a distinct page in the eyes of most search engines, it is practically like creating a new Website for your band every time you publish.
  • Help share regular news. There's no better place to announce news about your band's latest gig, latest album release, or latest video on YouTube, and updating regularly will give your fans one more reason to stop by your site to find out what's new.
  • Boost interaction with fans. Blogs give you another place to interact with fans in between live appearances and album releases and to get their feedback in the comments section. It's also a great opportunity for you to respond to questions and encourage your network to share your content with others through social media and links from fans' sites.
  • So tell me, does your band or other musical group have a blog of its own? Why or why not?

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